About the Artist

Julia Barton is a painter and print-maker who moved to France at the end of 2009.

Her work has been featured regularly in exhibitions in England and now in South-West France.

For many years Julia worked as a textile artist and teacher. In 2003 she graduated from Falmouth College of Art with a fine Art Degree and now concentrates on her painting and print-making.

Many holiday visits to France have influenced her work which is mainly concerned with the colours and textures found in ancient buildings and local landscapes. The most recent work is inspired by with the wild flower meadows of the "Causse", the typical chalky landscape that gives its name to the Quercy Blanc region. Other inspirations are the ancient buildings in weathered stone that are in every village and town, in particular buildings that are in the middle of being restored, and are partly demolished.

The work combines digital photography with painting in oil on canvas and screenprints onto watercolour paper.

Julia's aim is to produce work that is abstract in nature, but that combines glimpses of reality by the use of digital photography. Ideas are allowed to evolve through the constant use of visual diary, containing notes, drawings and photographic images. Experiments are made in various mixed media techniques before a finished piece of work is started, then ideas evolve and the work is allowed to respond through colour and the materials themselves.

below: A typical diary page